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Middle School

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Kingsview Counseling Mission

The Kingsview Middle School Counseling Department mission is to create an environment in which students feel cared about, supported, and valued while being provided equitable access to our comprehensive, developmental school counseling program that develops the essential academic, career, and social emotional learning skills that prepare them to become life-long learners and conscious citizens in a ever-changing world.

Kingsview Counseling vision

The Kingsview Middle School Counseling Department will cultivate a safe and nurturing environment where students are empowered to learn, enhance their social skills, and embrace creativity and diversity, in order to become productive members of the community. 

Kingsview Counseling Goals

1. Counselors teach students life skills to improve their learning and enhance their academic success.

2. Counselors guide students in creating positive relationships by assisting them in recognizing, accepting, respecting, and appreciating individual differences. 

3. Counselors coach students through the conflict resolution process to understand the consequences of actions and decisions made and to identify positive solutions to a problem.

4. Counselors educate and reinforce the impact of digital citizenship and responsibility as students navigate the use of technology in their daily lives.

5. Counselors foster the ability of students to develop self-awareness and emotional regulation through mindfulness and other strategies. 

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